Coconut Shrimp Pizza

This pizza originated in Korea, where they have seemingly fed from the surreality of their names to the north and the weirdness of their neighbours to the east. They decided that spicy, cured meats, oodles of cheese and fresh vegetables weren’t enough for a pizza, so they’ve thrown some coconut shrimp on it and have tried to convince everyone they’ve created a masterpiece. When in truth, I’m not even sure if it is edible.

If you’re sitting there thinking that this sounds okay, you should know that coconut shrimp is exactly what it sounds like. It is coconut and shrimp. And it’s on a pizza. Imagine making a nice hot sandwich, filled with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Now imagine throwing some fried shrimp in that sandwich and dipping everything in coconut. The face you’re making now will be the face you make if you ever decide to eat this monstrosity.

Of course, we’re sure that Pizza Hut would release this everywhere if they heard the calls of desperate customers begging for them to do just that. But those calls are, surprisingly, fairly quiet.

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