Heart Shaped Pizza

Not too long ago, the Liverpool Echo, a newspaper in Liverpool, England, (think The Beatles and you’re there) discovered a secret in their local Pizza Hut. That secret was what you see here: a heart-shaped pizza.

It is just what pizza-lovers have been waiting for. Let’s be honest, your date is not going to be particularly impressed if you show up with a pizza on Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’ll probably be the last meal you buy for her. But if you show up with this beauty, you’ll get just enough of the “aww” factor to win her over. And then you’ll have a pizza to eat, so everyone wins!

The Liverpool branch of Pizza Hut in which this was discovered said they had been doing it for years. They also hinted that this is something that is done across many of their restaurants. This is what they had to say: “Pizza Hut Restaurants has been doing this for around 10 years but only on the all-American thin base. It’s only available on Valentine’s Day across the restaurants nationwide and for no extra cost!”

It makes sense when you think about it. After all, they make the dough fresh to order, so why can’t they tweak it so it’s in the shape of a heart? And if you’re anything like us, you’re now asking yourself, “If they can make me a heart-shaped pizza, then what else can they do?” The potential is limitless. If you have the balls to ask for it, and they have the ability to make it, then why not?

Just be sure to snap a picture and send it along. The weirder the shape, the better. And before you get any ideas, we don’t want anything in the shape of, well, you know. We know what you’re thinking, and quite frankly, you should be disgusted with yourself.

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