Slim BLT

The BLT is the king of sandwiches. And there is a tasty, slightly-healthier version of this royal lunch available at Jimmy John’s. Just ask for a Slim BLT and in return you will get a slim sub loaded with 6 rashers of bacon. It’s a BLT, but without the LT. So…it’s just a B. This … Read more

Yellow Mustard Sandwiches

The chain cut back on a few ingredients and menu options in order to increase speed and efficiency, while also decreasing waste. This sounds like a massive disadvantage for the customer. But it means faster food, and it has also helped to keep prices down. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if … Read more

Extra Toppings

As we have already discussed you can get extras on your Jimmy John’s sub without forking over extra cash. Whether you want an extra dollop or two of guacamole, or an extra squirt of ketchup, just ask and you shall receive. It’s not just sauces either, as the same applies to most of their toppings. If they … Read more

Jimmy John’s Gargantuan

The Gargantuan is a thing of legend. But it exists, and if you ask, you will get. Simple as that. This is actually starting to appear on more and more menus, but at one time it was only on the secret menu. The Gargantuan, also known as the J.J. Gargantuan, was invented by the founder’s … Read more