Yellow Mustard Sandwiches

The chain cut back on a few ingredients and menu options in order to increase speed and efficiency, while also decreasing waste. This sounds like a massive disadvantage for the customer. But it means faster food, and it has also helped to keep prices down.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you like yellow mustard and a selection of cheeses (and who doesn’t?) then you’re out of luck. The only mustard on the menu is Dijon and the only cheese is Provolone. As far as the cheese goes, you’re stuck. There’s nothing you can do. But you can still get yellow mustard.

They serve it in packets, which you can request when you order. Some of these are available for customers to grab, some are behind the counter. So, if you prefer yellow mustard in your sub, be sure to request it. And if you want it in place of the Dijon, just ask them to hold the Dijon before adding the yellow mustard yourself.

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