Pay Attention to the Enemies’ Strategy

In action RPGs, it is very important for players to pay attention to how their enemies attack. After all, once they have memorized the relevant patterns, they can avoid attacks while figuring out the best opportunities for them to retaliate. Due to this, the best approach to new enemies is to spend some time observing … Read more

Grab Everything

Technically, Genshin Impact has an inventory limit. In practice, well, suffice to say that the inventory limit is 30,000. Naturally, this means that players should loot its environments to their heart’s content, which will be very useful because just about everything can be put to good use one way or another. As for the various sources of … Read more

Choose Between Aether and Lumine

One of the first choices that interested individuals will have to make is the one between the male main character Aether and the female main character Lumine. For what it is worth, this is not a particularly important choice outside of the visuals. After all, Aether and Lumine have the same capabilities, which makes sense … Read more

Unlock Daily Missions

Once you reach Adventure Rank 12 you will unlock daily missions which you should complete as often as possible as they will reward Primogems which will help you get Wishes for the gacha faster.

Follow Seelies to Chests

In Genshin Impact Seelies will lead the way to a new chest. Be prepared to face enemies as you follow these blue wisps to the chest. Some of th chests will require you to gather three Seelies before it can be unlocked. They will each sit on a lantern until you find all three.

Unlock Statues of the Seven

As you explore the world of Teyvat you will come across statues that are beaming a red light into the sky. These are the Statues of the Seven and they are easy to find, you may however be required to beat a boss in the surrounding area in order to unlock it. Once you do … Read more

Find Teleport Waypoints

Littered throughout the world of Teyvay are Teleport waypoints which will enable you to fast travel from anywhere on the map when they have been activated. You can see which ones you have activated by looking on the map, an activated Teleport Waypoint will be blue while an unactivated one will be blank. When you … Read more

Inbox Reward

The developers of Grenshin Impact is giving away various rewards to the game’s first players as thank you for their support. To find out if you are one of these lucky ones reach level 10 and then click on ‘Mailbox’. The reward is 1,600 Primogems, 10 Acquaint Fates, and 3-4 4 star weapons.

Learn the Elements

An important factor during battle in Grenshin Impact are the Elemental powers each of the characters possess as they dictate the types of special attacks that those characters will have to accompany their normal weapon attacks. Make sure you learn the elements and how they can change when they react to the weather and environment. … Read more


Usually it sucks when you get a duplicate in a gacha game. However in Genshin Impact they can actually be helpful by enabling you to get a constellation rank for your character. Whenever your character gets a constellation rank you will be able to obtain new moves and status upgrades that would otherwise be unavailable … Read more