Pay Attention to the Enemies’ Strategy

In action RPGs, it is very important for players to pay attention to how their enemies attack. After all, once they have memorized the relevant patterns, they can avoid attacks while figuring out the best opportunities for them to retaliate. Due to this, the best approach to new enemies is to spend some time observing them while using a more defensive strategy. Once interested individuals have gathered enough information, they can switch over to something more offensive before smashing the opposition into the ground.

Besides this, it is worth mentioning that enemies can have special defenses that can be overcome using special measures. One excellent example would be enemies with wooden shields that can be set on fire, while another excellent example would be enemies with stone shields that can be shattered with heavier attacks. As for those with protective bubbles that limit the damage of each individual attack, the best approach is to overwhelm them with a character that can unleash fast attacks. After which, players can choose whatever option best suits them to finish the job.

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