Choose Between Aether and Lumine

One of the first choices that interested individuals will have to make is the one between the male main character Aether and the female main character Lumine. For what it is worth, this is not a particularly important choice outside of the visuals. After all, Aether and Lumine have the same capabilities, which makes sense considering their role. Still, it seems that the player’s choice will stick with them through their play-time, so they will want to choose between the two with care as well as consideration.

On the plus side, Aether and Lumine seem to be a solid starter in Genshin Impact. For those who are unfamiliar, it is very common for gacha games to make free characters less than impressive, thus increasing the incentive for interested individuals to roll for stronger characters that will have an easier time handling the challenges that can be found therein. First, Aether and Lumine are considered to be a 5-star character, which is important because higher-rarity characters tend to have higher potential in gacha games. Second, they can change to a different element, meaning that they can handle a much wider range of circumstances than their counterparts. As such, interested individuals should feel free to strengthen their main character because they can count on their main character to provide them with long-lasting usefulness.

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