Mix and Match

Chances are, you’ve been limiting your Chipotle experience to the standards of one topping at a time. I’m here to tell you that you can mix and match every topping to your pleasing to make for the ultimate dining experience. Employees always ask “black or pinto”, but you can get both beans if you really … Read more

Extra Shells

To Chipotle’s Burrito Bol addicts, did you know that you’re limiting yourself to one measly shell when you can have one or two more? Just ask nicely, and they will provide you with either two free taco shells or one free tortilla shell. That way, you can make your own tacos with toppings of your … Read more

Fajita Veggies

While it may cost a hefty price to get extra meat or to add some guacamole to your burrito, ask for more fajita veggies – grilled onions and peppers – and they’ll throw it in your burrito or bowl for free. Some of the best parts of what I now order at Chipotle are kept … Read more

Double Wrapped Burrito

Ever desire the soft tortilla encompassing a burrito more than its delicious inner contents? Then make your experience twice as satisfying, by asking for a burrito wrapped in two tortillas. It’s something you have to try. It is free after all! To order one, just ask for a burrito wrapped in two tortillas.

Single Taco

Cost: $2.25 For the kids that need their Chipotle fix, or parents lacking an appetite, this modification to the typical 3-taco combination is growingly popular. If more people knew about it, too, I’m sure it’d be purchased all the time. How can you say no to a juicy taco for just $2.25? Just ask for … Read more


Cost: Kids Cheese – $2.95, Kids Meat – $3.50, Full Size w/ Meat – $4.75 Did you know that you could order a quesadilla at Chipotle with any toppings that go on the traditional burrito? The tantalizing cheesy wedges filled with fresh toppings are a feat of nature. To order one, just ask for a … Read more


Get all the delicious, fresh toppings in a Chipotle burrito crammed onto a cheesy nacho chip for a nice added crunch. Not to mention, it allows you to share with friends if you aren’t looking for a huge meal. Just ask for a Burrito Bol with chips at the bottom, instead of rice. Whatever type … Read more

The Burritodilla

A crunchy, slimmer alternative to the monstrous Quesarito, this concoction takes a structural approach from the opposite side of the name. More shaped like a quesadilla (also a secret menu item at Chipotle), it packs in half the toppings that go into a burrito but an overload of cheesy goodness. Ask a server for a Burritodilla, but … Read more

The Quesarito

This behemoth takes the already-engorging burrito and wraps it with a gooey quesadilla outer layer. Warm melted cheese explodes in your mouth, cutting the spice of the burrito but not the flavor. It is not for the faint of heart – it’s even harder to stomach entirely than the burrito, and adds a lot of … Read more