Mix and Match

Chances are, you’ve been limiting your Chipotle experience to the standards of one topping at a time. I’m here to tell you that you can mix and match every topping to your pleasing to make for the ultimate dining experience.

Employees always ask “black or pinto”, but you can get both beans if you really want – just make sure you get rice to soak up the sogginess. Looking for something between mild and spicy salsa? Get a mix of the two.

You can even mix and match your meats for a burrito or bowl, getting half a scoop of chicken and half a scoop of steak to add a little variety to your dining experience.

The rules of mixing and matching apply to just about every fresh ingredient at Chipotle. Just be courteous and ask, and any employee is willing to oblige – it’s all about ensuring you have the best meal for you. Think of the ingredients as a buffet for you to choose from and mold into the optimum combination; the employee is just the chef.

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