The Burritodilla

A crunchy, slimmer alternative to the monstrous Quesarito, this concoction takes a structural approach from the opposite side of the name. More shaped like a quesadilla (also a secret menu item at Chipotle), it packs in half the toppings that go into a burrito but an overload of cheesy goodness. Ask a server for a Burritodilla, but if they don’t know how to make it, tell them to follow these steps:
1) Put a pile of cheese on the tortilla
2) Ask for half the fillings of a burrito to be put on top of the cheese
3) Put another layer of cheese on top
4) Fold like a quesadilla and cook it It’s an easy alternative to the Quesarito that’s sure to turn heads.

Try one for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

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