Veggie Burger

In a complete polar opposite of the Suicide Burger, the Veggie Burger is made for those who don’t savor the chance to tear into a piece of beef. Rather than the traditional beef patty, this burger comes with a tender veggie patty and all the associated toppings. Admittedly, this is not my cup of tea, but … Read more

Suicide Burger

Cost: $3.99 *Gasp* My jaw literally dropped upon seeing this monster for the first time. It dropped further after reading the price. For only $4, you too can get four beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon, and the special sauce jammed between two sesame seed buns. This behemoth creation of a burger is probably … Read more

Rodeo Burger

Cost: $1.49 The Rodeo Burger adds the extra kick to your beef that’ll have you hanging onto your seat. After a brief period as a part of the menu available to everyone, the burger faded into remission, but remain a member of the fabled secret menu. Don’t settle for a boring burger and cheese. Take … Read more

Mustard Whopper

If you’ve ever eaten a Whopper before, you’re certain to have noticed the creamy mayonnaise slathered all over the bun that mixes perfectly with the fresh ingredients encompassed by sesame seed buns. They slather it on thick, ensuring a kick of flavor – a blessing for those who love mayonnaise. For those who don’t, however, … Read more


Cost: Value: $1.19 Small: $1.69 Medium: $2.09 Large: $2.29 Following the mix and match principles of Chipotle’s toppings, this innovative side solves the age-old dilemma between ordering french fries or some crispy onion rings. Get an order of half onion rings, half fries, to satisfy all of your crunchy fried food needs. Never again will … Read more

The Burger King Ham & Cheese

Rather than a modification to already-established menu items, this delicacy is a unique being of its own, simply made up of ormelted cheese between a sesame seed bun. This entrée is sure to put any Arby’s stockholder on edge, with such a cheap, mouthwatering option to rival its standard sandwiches. Just ask the clerk for … Read more

The Burger King BLT

I never would have thought that it was possible to improve the Whopper. This proved me wrong. It’s simple – take the already mouthwatering, juicy, beef patties topped with fresh lettuce and tomato – and lay crispy bacon strips on top of it. The combination of one of the most consumed burgers in history with … Read more

The Burger King Club

Take the boring, traditional chicken sandwich to another level by getting a club at your local Burger King. Who needs to go to a sub joint when a juicy chicken sub is only $4 in the drive-thru? The club is comprised of warm sesame seed buns packed with crispy chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. … Read more