Mustard Whopper

If you’ve ever eaten a Whopper before, you’re certain to have noticed the creamy mayonnaise slathered all over the bun that mixes perfectly with the fresh ingredients encompassed by sesame seed buns. They slather it on thick, ensuring a kick of flavor – a blessing for those who love mayonnaise.

For those who don’t, however, there is hope: the Mustard Whopper. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a Whopper with mustard instead of mayonnaise. Now, it’s also possible to get a mayo-mustard combo, but most people prefer one or the other. This innovative information makes the Whopper an option once more for mustard lovers.

Just ask for mustard instead of mayonnaise. It’s free and sure to be a change of pace for seasoned Whopper fans or the Holy Grail to mustard lovers.

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