What are points?

FC 24 points – the real-life virtual currency of FC 24

FC 24 points aren’t a hard concept to grasp. They are the virtual in-game currency of FC 24 that you could only purchase by using real-life money. It is imperative to understand that, unlike coins, FC 24 points cannot be obtained through playing the game.

The only places where you can get your hands on FC 24 points are the FUT Store, your console’s store, and from trusted retailers. FC 24 points prices of course vary depending on how much you wish to buy. Generally speaking, 100 points go for around $1 with minor discounts for major quantities. For example, the maximum amount you can buy at once – 12,000, will cost you $100 instead of $120.

One of the perks of FC 24 points are that they carry over, so you don’t lose them once you move to the latest version of the game. For example, the FC 24 points you’ve purchased will still be there when and if you decide to play FC 24. That is if you have any left in your bank of course.

What can you spend FC 24 points on?

FC 24 points are used exclusively for two things – purchasing FUT packs and paying FUT Draft entries. The former is quite obvious – you pay for a FUT pack, you get a FUT pack, that’s it. As for the FUT Draft, you’re presented with a choice to either pay your entry fee via FC 24 points or FC 24 coins. We’ll go over the FUT Draft in-depth in the second part of this article, but broadly speaking it is a FUT mode that holds various rewards based on how many games you win.

As we mentioned earlier, FC 24 points aren’t difficult to understand. You buy them, you use them in two very specific ways and that’s that.

Or is it? Well, if there’s going to be a second part of this, the answer is obviously no. For the why behind the what, tune in for the continuation of this article, coming to your browser soon!

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