What are coins?

Coins and how you use them play an essential part in every successful FC Ultimate Team story. Here, we’ll go in depth on how to quickly stack up coins and master FC’s in-game currency.
Let’s begin with the absolute basics. What are FC coins? Well, as mentioned, they are the in-game currency with which you can buy individual player cards on the market or packs from the store, aka obtain players for your FUT squad. You can find out more about buying and trading cards, as well as opening packs in the FUT tutorial here.So, how do you get your hands on the precious goods? Well, FC 24’s entire makeup revolves around coin transactions, so it’s fair to say that literally everything could bring in some cash flow. What you need to remember is that you cannot buy FC coins with real money! You can only get them through playing the game and via the trade market. Real money can buy you FC points, but that’s a topic for another time. Now that that’s out of the way, here are the most effective ways to make some sweet FC dough.The focus falls on three game modes: Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Squad Building Challenges. These modes hold high-end rewards, including coins, packs and in the case of Division Rivals – Champions points. Amass enough Champions points and you’ll be granted access to the Champions Weekend League where you can receive even bigger awards.
Squad Building Challenges are…well, exactly that. You’re tasked with doing something and if you do it, you get something in return. SBCs are easily the hardest of the three modes to accomplish anything in, but when you do, you’re rewarded in a fitting manner for all of your trouble.

Squad Battles are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Due to the player being able to choose his opponents and difficulty level, it’s much easier to win that way. Of course, the prize quality drops as well.

Division Rivals surely holds the title of most engaging of the three. In addition to the regular coins and packs that you get for winning, you also gather Champions points. Gain 2000 of these and you’ll be granted a pass to the Champions Weekend League where you compete against the world’s best for some truly squad-altering packages.

Equally important for your coin budget’s well-being is what you do on the market and how you spend the coins you’ve obtained. Search the web and every coin tutorial will tell you the same thing: don’t buy expensive packs. Packs are random, ok, you might get something useful, but more often than not, you won’t.

Instead, try to stick to Bronze and Silver packs and see what you can sell on the market, what you should keep for your squad or what you could keep for now and sell at a higher price later on. Similarly, keep an eye on the cards that go for sale. With an eye for a bargain and some luck, you might strike gold. Finding such bargains is the main key to building a bank once you’ve established a solid foundation through playing.

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