Use Burst Fire

It’s quite hard to deliver nice headshots with a single shot – to do this you need to be very precise in timing, movements, and accuracy. It’s not easy to be accurate while spraying bullets (when you keep the left mouse button pressed) – you should learn CS:GO spray patterns and recoil compensation to figure out how the bullet streams behave.

Another shooting mode is much more convenient for beginners – burst fire. You shoot a few bullets, so your gun remains accurate. And you don’t need to rely on the deadly power of one shoot because other bullets will deal additional damage.

Stay still while shooting. In CS:GO, you can’t shoot accurately while moving. Learn how to freeze for a moment to make the burst and then continue moving around the map. It’s a very good piece of advice for those who wonder how to get good at CSGO. To practice in-game movements, you can try out other fun bits of entertainment such as CS:GO surfing.

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