Choose the Right Range

When choosing a weapon for your fighting strategy, you should also consider the range of the fight. If it’s a close-quarters fight, then you should choose a shotgun or an SMG. If it’s a mid-range fight, then an assault rifle or an SMG is a good choice. And if it’s a long-range fight, then a … Read more

Know Your Opponent

If you know what weapon they are using, you can choose the best weapon for your playing strategy. If you don’t know their weapon, it’s best to opt for one with an advantage over most weapons. Simply put, selecting a more powerful weapon is always a good idea.

Know Your Weapon

Ensure you understand all the pros and cons of the chosen weapon so that you can make the most of it in any situation. Spend some time in practice matches to get a feel for the weapon and understand how it works.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the bread and butter of CS:GO weapon. Almost every round of a match features 8-10 of them and learning how to use the main ones is essential. The list includes: FAMAS Galil AR M4A4 M4A1-S AK-47 AUG SG 553 On this list, the AK-47 and the M4A4 are by far the most … Read more


These weapons are rarely used because of their poor accuracy and short range. Almost nobody buys a shotgun in professional matches. In case you want to try this gun category, here are the options: Nova XM1014 MAG-7 Sawed-Off

Famous Pistols

Their rate of fire is usually poor relative to that of machine guns and submachine guns, but they can still get the job done if your aim is good. Unlike most weapons, pistols are very cheap. They tend to deal high damage from close range and against unarmored enemies, but are weak from afar or … Read more

S Tier List

Last and certainly not least, the S tier holds the best of the best guns in CS:GO. These weapons are essential for avid players of the game, with iconic staple guns like the AWP and the AK-47. These weapons are guaranteed to take down enemies and establish dominance. 1. SG553 2. M4A1-S 3. M4A4 4. … Read more

A Tier List

A Tier has some fantastic choices at the player’s disposal. Most of these guns listed below are easily comparable to S Tier weapons but are known as “downgraded versions” of them. Moreover, various statistics such as headshot capabilities are partial reasons for the usage of the term “downgrade.” However, on a budget, these guns are … Read more

B Tier List

B Tier is filled with solid, excellent options with anti-eco rounds (except for the P250). However, these guns didn’t make it higher on the tier list for their deficiency in armor penetration. 1. P90 2. P250 3. MP7 4. MP5-SD 5. MAG-7 6. MAC-10 7. GSG31

C Tier List

C Tier guns are within the average realm when it comes to the ranking system, but they can feel overpowered when money is tight, and they make for fantastic inexpensive choices. Though these guns aren’t ideal, they’re also reliable with better statistics compared to D or E tier weapons. 1. XM1014 2. SSG-08 3. Negev … Read more