Tsing Tsing Chicken

Take a look at this entrée, and it appears to be something you could order at Pei Wei or another nice Chinese restaurant. That’s probably because it is.

Denny’s, however, boasts a diverse menu in a lot of locations, and in some franchises, you can buy the Tsing Tsing Chicken. Officially, this isn’t a secret menu item, but rather an unknown member of the official menu that’s not featured in all franchises.

The meal features steamed broccoli, rice, and tender Tsing Tsing chicken in a sweet glaze, sometimes topped with sesame seeds. As its availability varies from franchise to franchise, and because the ones that don’t have it on the official menu often inadvertently create slight variations, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the dish is like.

What’s certain, however, is that the dish has gotten nearly universally good reviews from its customers. If you don’t see it on the menu, it’s not a part of the franchise, but you can attempt to sway them by telling them it’s sold by other franchises and maybe a little sweet talk. Being nice definitely doesn’t hurt.

Getting these unknown items at Denny’s can be a bit of a shot in the dark, and requires some skillful wordplay, but when the meal lies before you, it’s all worth it.

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