Breaded Fish

In my opinion, you shouldn’t do fish any other way than breaded, but I may be a little biased against fish. The flavor of warm, crispy, seasoned breading, however, is enough to get me past my feelings against fish.

At Denny’s, if you want to get your hands on a delicious fish filet, you’ll need to employ some persuasion tactics. It was once an item on the official menu, but has since been removed, so you must explain to your server just how much you loved the breaded fish and that you’d love to have it again.

Again, it’s within the capabilities of the restaurant to make you some breaded fish. The roadblock is that employees don’t realize that they’re allowed to sell these items to you since they aren’t officially on the menu. Explain that it’s a secret menu item, and like any other customer, pay for your fish filet and they’ll most likely whip one up for you.

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