The 59th minute method

Hundreds of thousands of players and objects are offered on the transfer market around the clock. Of course, there are some bargains among these vast amounts of objects, which can bring you many coins.

Many FIFA gamers are often too focused on quickly converting their players into coins and continuing to play, so they don’t control prices before selling. Therefore, players are often put on the market with a too low instant purchase price. However, these players are not long in the market because many traders know this and buy the player immediately.

So that you can also win through these players, only a few steps are necessary. First, you need to check the instant buy price of a player you have selected on FUTBin. Once you know the price, you search for the player on the exchange market and enter a slightly lower price than the price specified by FUTBin as the maximum instant buy price. Now all you have to do is update the page frequently and buy the player as soon as he is listed. However, you have to be quick to do this so that another gamer doesn’t buy the player from you beforehand.

This method is especially effective for popular players from the big leagues (England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy), as these players are often bought at higher prices. Please note, however, when reselling the player, EA will withhold 5% of the sales price as transaction tax for each item sold.

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