Sell player overpriced

The trading method overpriced selling is about offering players cheaply and then reselling them with a premium (depending on the purchase price). This method works because many gamers are too lazy to check the actual purchase price of a player on FUTBin.

The following players should be used for overpriced selling:

Player with a popular nation

These include Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal.

Player with a popular league

However, the player’s league is even more important for selling than the nation. Especially the five biggest leagues BPL, Serie A, BBVA, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 should be bought.

High rated players

Players with a high rating are often used in SBC’s to drive up the team rating. Any rating above 81 is good for SBC’s

Not yet assigned players

Players who still have 7 contracts, Basic Chemistry style and 99 Fitness are often bought more expensive by many players, because they can build their own statistics with the player (goals, stakes, etc). Therefore, make sure that the players you bought have not been used yet.

Position changed players

Buy position changed players, or change them yourself and then put them on the market. Many players want to buy a player that they can immediately use on the free position without having to convert it themselves. In addition, these players are often bought faster because the supply on the market is lower with this position.

After the players to be bought have been identified, the question arises as to how much more expensive the players should be hired? Here is a rule of thumb:

MW: 1-5k-> Profit: 1-3k
MW: 5-10k-> gain: 3-5k
MW: 10-20k-> Profit: 5-10k

Many players with higher prices will not be sold the first time they offer. So it is best to put them on the market again every hour and wait until the players leave. The more players you offer at the same time, the higher the probability that individual players will be bought.

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