Science & Technology Prompts

  1. “Write an article explaining blockchain technology in layman’s terms.”
  2. “Design a poster explaining the basics of photosynthesis.”
  3. “Write a report on the latest advancements in renewable energy.”
  4. “Create a list of potential uses of AI in healthcare.”
  5. “Write a review of a popular science book.”
  6. “Design an infographic explaining the concept of quantum computing.”
  7. “Write an essay on the impact of technology on mental health.”
  8. “Create a timeline of the major milestones in space exploration.”
  9. “Write a summary of a recent scientific study on climate change.”
  10. “Design a brochure for a science summer camp.”
  11. “Write a how-to guide on setting up a home Wi-Fi network.”
  12. “Create an experiment plan for a chemistry project on acid-base reactions.”
  13. “Write a blog post about the future of virtual reality.”
  14. “Design a presentation on the history and development of computers.”
  15. “Write a reflection on how social media has changed human interaction.”
  16. “Create a fact sheet about Mars.”
  17. “Write a comparison of Android and iOS operating systems.”
  18. “Design a lesson plan for a coding boot camp.”
  19. “Write a profile of a notable scientist.”
  20. “Create a quiz about different types of renewable energy.”
  21. “Write an opinion piece on ethical considerations in genetic engineering.”
  22. “Design a beginner’s guide to understanding artificial intelligence.”
  23. “Write an analysis of the impact of electric cars on the environment.”
  24. “Create an outline for a podcast episode about data privacy.”
  25. “Write a review of a recently launched tech gadget.”
  26. “Design a diagram explaining the structure of a computer network.”
  27. “Write a feature story on a tech startup disrupting traditional industries.”
  28. “Create a comparison chart of different web development languages.”
  29. “Write a report on the latest trends in cybersecurity.”
  30. “Design a fact sheet about the human brain.”
  31. “Write a tutorial on using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.”
  32. “Create a game plan for reducing a household’s carbon footprint.”
  33. “Write a research summary on the potential use of drones in delivery services.”
  34. “Design an infographic on how a specific piece of tech gadgetry works.”
  35. “Write a deep dive into the algorithms that power social media platforms.”
  36. “Create a detailed guide on how to build a computer from scratch.”
  37. “Write a thought piece on the potential implications of AI in law enforcement.”
  38. “Design an educational poster about the water cycle.”
  39. “Write a news update on the latest discoveries in astronomy.”
  40. “Create a primer on the basics of machine learning.”
  41. “Write a guide on how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.”
  42. “Design a flowchart on the software development process.”
  43. “Write a blog post on the importance of digital literacy in the 21st century.”
  44. “Create a worksheet on identifying elements on the periodic table.”
  45. “Write a step-by-step guide on setting up a secure password.”
  46. “Design a handout on the basics of video editing.”
  47. “Write a business proposal for a tech-based solution to a common problem.”
  48. “Create a lesson plan for a robotics class.”
  49. “Write an informative post about the physics of flight.”
  50. “Design a roadmap for someone interested in a career in data science.”
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