Business Prompts

  1. “Write a business plan for a new organic food delivery service.”
  2. “Design a logo for a virtual reality gaming startup.”
  3. “Write an article on the importance of corporate social responsibility.”
  4. “Create a timeline for a new product launch.”
  5. “Write a competitive analysis of the fitness app market.”
  6. “Design a brochure for a business consulting service.”
  7. “Write a report on emerging trends in e-commerce.”
  8. “Create an elevator pitch for a new mobile payment app.”
  9. “Write a case study on a successful digital marketing campaign.”
  10. “Design a layout for a business’s annual report.”
  11. “Write a blog post on effective leadership qualities.”
  12. “Create a sales strategy for a new line of skincare products.”
  13. “Write an op-ed on the impact of AI on job markets.”
  14. “Design a customer satisfaction survey for an online clothing retailer.”
  15. “Write a white paper on data security in FinTech.”
  16. “Create a proposal for a corporate wellness program.”
  17. “Write a press release for a company’s new sustainable initiative.”
  18. “Design an infographic on the growth of online shopping.”
  19. “Write a review of a business book you recently read.”
  20. “Create a cost-benefit analysis for upgrading a company’s IT infrastructure.”
  21. “Write a proposal for a business partnership between a cafe and a book store.”
  22. “Design a mission and vision statement for a tech startup.”
  23. “Write a research report on the impact of Brexit on small businesses.”
  24. “Create a FAQ page for a software development company’s website.”
  25. “Write a tutorial on how to use project management software.”
  26. “Design a product catalogue for a home decor business.”
  27. “Write a blog post on balancing work and life as an entrepreneur.”
  28. “Create a customer journey map for an online travel agency.”
  29. “Write a short bio for a CEO to be used at a conference.”
  30. “Design a reward system for a company’s loyalty program.”
  31. “Write an article on the pros and cons of remote work.”
  32. “Create a detailed budget for a small nonprofit organization.”
  33. “Write a guide on how to start a food truck business.”
  34. “Design a flyer for a career fair at a local university.”
  35. “Write an analysis on the future of brick-and-mortar stores.”
  36. “Create a list of interview questions for a sales manager position.”
  37. “Write a report on the effects of the pandemic on the restaurant industry.”
  38. “Design a presentation on a company’s yearly sales performance.”
  39. “Write a newsletter update for a company’s internal communication.”
  40. “Create a growth strategy for a freelance graphic design business.”
  41. “Write a brief on a recent legal change affecting the banking industry.”
  42. “Design a roadmap for implementing a diversity and inclusion initiative.”
  43. “Write a pitch for a business reality show.”
  44. “Create a social media content plan for a beauty brand.”
  45. “Write a reflection on the key lessons from a failed business venture.”
  46. “Design a beginner’s guide for investing in cryptocurrencies.”
  47. “Write a forecast on the future of the gig economy.”
  48. “Design a template for a professional business email.”
  49. “Write a review on a popular CRM tool.”
  50. “Create a plan for a team building retreat for a startup.”
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