Night Jade

How to get the item? Night jade can be found in mines and hidden small caves of Liyue. Also, Shitou sells five of the items in the capital of Liyue, every three days. Especially in Mingyun village, you can find many mines that house this ore. Furthermore, in “Tianheng Mountain”, which is located to the west of the capital, there is also an increased occurrence of night jade.

Night jade is considered by many players to be the rarest ore from the game. I then went to the find spots to see approximately how many you can actually get. During my tour I was able to collect about 50 Night Jade. Unfortunately, the ore takes two to three days to spawn again.

What does the item do? Currently, Beidou and Yanfei need the ore to increase their level. One of them needs 168 Night Jade each to fully level up.

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