Dragon Teeth

How to get the items? The item “Life Energy Sucking Dragon Tooth” comes from “Strange Tooth”, which is why we have combined them as one item. Strange Teeth can only be found in Dragon’s Ridge, and only four of them. Also, you can only pick them up every three days. When you pick up a tooth for the first time, it also starts a quest series. With the help of this, you can turn the strange teeth into the item “Life Energy Sucking Dragon Tooth” at the end in the cave near the bones of the “Slumbering Dragon Valley”.

You will get the first tooth southeast at the edge of the dragon’s ridge. It is only a few steps west of the teleporter.
You can walk further north via the teleporter, which lies to the north of the cryo-hypostasis. The second tooth is located in the middle of the larger open area, near some Fatui.

The third tooth is located on a small island that lies in the river to the north. You can easily reach it via the teleporter, which is located in the east of the sphere “Burr Guard”.

In the cave, by the skeleton bones, is the fourth strange tooth. It’s right by the spring, where you can turn the teeth into dragon teeth.

What do the items bring? Once you have completed the quest series and collected eight teeth, you can use them to make the “Dragon Burr Spear”. Provided you have also farmed an unprocessed polearm and 50 star silver ore. All of these required items make the Dragon Burr Spear a difficult item to obtain.

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