Learn Buy Menu and Prices

Those 30 seconds you have before a round are not the time for surfing the purchase interface and looking for something you could buy. Your brain should be busy answering “What do we need right now?”, not “Where’s that M4A4?” or “Is that enough for AWP?”

Take your time to explore the menu without the pressure of being in the middle of a match. For example, you can practice with bots and focus on weapon purchases. Make the opponents less skilled or use other settings through various CS:GO bot commands to decrease the tension but still keep the process interesting.

You also might consider using CS:GO console commands that directly affect the buying process:

  • mp_buytime 30 — set the value in seconds to have more time in the buy menu.
  • mp_buy_anywhere 1 — activate this option (with the value 1) to have access to the “shop” anywhere on the map. The value 0 returns you to the default setting.

Combine the buy menu learning with memorizing the prices. You should be able to see the money on your account directly as weapon possibilities. “I have this amount, so I’ll buy that gun.”

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed with numbers at the beginning. In general, you don’t need to remember every single price. Direct your attention to the weapons you personally use most of the time.

And again, let us remind you that in-game prices are a totally different topic to skin prices. More information on what affects the economy of cosmetic in-game items can be found in our CS:GO float guide.

Type Terrorist Weapons Counter-Terrorist Weapons Price
Pistols Glock-18 USP-S/P2000 $200
Dual Berettas $300
P250 $300
Tec-9/CZ75-Auto Five-SeveN/CZ75-Auto $500
Desert Eagle/R8 Revolver $700/600
Heavy Nova $1050
XM1014 $2000
Sawed-Off MAG-7 $1100/1300
M249 $5200
Negev $1700
SMG MAC-10 MP9 $1050/$1250
MP7/MP5-SD $1500
UMP-45 $1200
P90 $2350
PP-Bizon $1400
Rifles Galil-AR FAMAS $1800/2050
AK-47 M4A4/M4A1-S $2700/3100/2900
SSG 08 $1700
SG 553 AUG $3000/3300
AWP $4750
G3SG1 SCAR-20 $5000
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