Learn How to Save Money

There are a few economic strategies for CS:GO rounds. Not only do they depend on the sum on your account but also on your plans for the rest of the match and your appetite for risk. Full Buy — it’s an ideal situation when you have enough funds to purchase everything needed for your team. … Read more

Win and Loss Bonuses

Win and Loss Bonuses for Counter-Terrorists Round after reset Win Bomb detonate Total Loss Bomb plant Total First round $3250 $250 $3500 $1400 N/A $1400 Second round $3250 $250 $3500 $1900 N/A $1900 Third round $3250 $250 $3500 $2400 N/A $2400 Fourth round $3250 $250 $3500 $2900 N/A $2900 Fifth round $3250 $250 $3500 $3400 … Read more

Learn Buy Menu and Prices

Those 30 seconds you have before a round are not the time for surfing the purchase interface and looking for something you could buy. Your brain should be busy answering “What do we need right now?”, not “Where’s that M4A4?” or “Is that enough for AWP?” Take your time to explore the menu without the … Read more

The Basics

Every player starts a CS:GO match with a specific amount: $800. Successful actions, such as kills or planting/defusing a bomb, generate money. Losses are also profitable, and even with a lost round teams get something to their account, but the sum is significantly smaller. The general formula is: the more successful your team is from … Read more

Consider the Economy

Players should earn a lot in the game and wisely spend these funds. The in-game economy is often ignored by beginners, and this is a mistake. Your purchases depend on many factors. For example, after losing the pistol round or having no resources in the middle game, the team should go eco – buy nothing … Read more