How to trade in FUT 22

The best way to casually make lots of coins is to create a team and sell the players each day buying them back cheaper. The safe way to do this is to buy the replacement cheaper than you are going to sell. Obviously you have to be careful and aware of current SBCs. If players are needed for SBCs sell them and wait until the SBC is over. Then buy them back cheaper. You can also try lots of different teams trying players and formations selling and buying as you go. We never build an English Premier league squad as our starter team. From this method you will quickly identify players you can “flip” for more coins quickly. Eg we were buying Cervi for 600 coins on bid or snipe and selling for 900

After a few weeks save any 84 and higher rated players for SBCs. There are lots of cheap ones but any from the bigger leagues will always be needed for SBCs at some point. So a player going for 1k will suddenly start selling for 5 to 10k. Likewise In Forms which were 10k could suddenly be 20 – 50k.

Silver players can have high value due to the League SBCs where people need every player of every team in a league. In FC 24 some silver players held values of 20 to 25k

Remember good player prices usually drop around the time of the TOTW (Team of the Week) on Wednesday. Prices drop heavily before and during TOTY (Team of the Year) in January or TOTS (Team of the Season) near the end of the football season. When the in form / TOTY / TOTS players come out people sell their decent players to be able to buy the new ones. You can check player prices live on our FUT player prices page.

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