Exploration is fun, but quests are how you unlock areas

One of the big appeals of Genshin Impact is its massive open world full of hidden secrets, puzzles, mini-games, and bosses. But in order to unlock new content you’ll often have to complete quests. These might be Genshin’s central Archon quest, which is how you get to Inazuma, or the Dragonspine questline, which lets you unlock the path to the mountain’s summit, and the Peak of Vindagnyr (opens in new tab) domain.

Other quests, such as Seirai Stormchasers (opens in new tab) in Inazuma, or Orobashi’s Legacy on Yashiori Island, actually make it easier to explore new areas by eliminating environmental threats, such as Balethunder or deadly lightning storms. If there’s a new area, chances are miHoYo has also added a questline to introduce you to it, so it’s always worth checking first. Quests are also a great way of increasing your adventure rank, which unlocks new features.

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