Consider the economy

Spending carelessly in CSGO may cause significant problems. Some people buy in full while their teammates have only 2,000 dollars to spare. Always count your money, your teammates’ money, and the money of your enemies.

If you win a series of five or more rounds, the opponents will have additional bonus money for each of the next rounds, even if they lose. To knock down their economy, you must give up one round and win the next one. This will break their economy for the next two or three rounds.

After losing a pistol round, aggressive enemies can still play into you. They can easily kill you after your full purchase by accurate shots from a Desert Eagle.

The planted bomb gives good money to terrorists in the next round. This is always worth remembering for both sides.

If you have 2,500 dollars or more, it is advisable to make a forced buy. This is the purchase of guns or pistols, some armor, and an incomplete purchase of grenades. The force buy helps to effectively use remaining funds and not to have excess money left over in the ensuing rounds.

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