Rest after defeat and victory

The main thing in any competitive game is to know your limits. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, your body and your mind will still need rest. After each game, take a short break to let your brain and body rest from the stress of playing. The best practice is to go outside … Read more

Use those beautiful skins

Skins won’t give you more hit points or add damage to your weapons. But a beautiful skin adds motivation for you. Enemies look differently at players with beautiful skins, so nice cosmetics might even confuse them. If you’re lacking the right skins, you can even buy CSGO skins and use them to get a boost … Read more

Talk to your teammates

CSGO is not a game about killing enemies, it’s a game about communicating with other people. It’s not just one player who wins the match, but the whole team through their teamwork. To boost the effectiveness of your teamwork, players must interact with each other. Communicate as much as you can and give information about … Read more

Shoot through the right walls and boxes

The shooting physics in CSGO allow you to shoot through weak areas in walls, doors, and wooden boxes. By knowing where to shoot, you can damage enemies from out of sight. Learn where to shoot on the maps you’re playing. Sometimes shoot the walls, doors, and boxes. But don’t shoot them every round, because your … Read more

Use a boost

Most maps have places which are impossible to reach on your own. You should jump on the back of your teammate first. These places are called boosts. A boost gives the effect of a surprise over the enemy, and sometimes the advantage of a better view in some parts of the map.. The main thing … Read more

Don’t rush to kill an enemy if he can’t see you

Killing an enemy right away isn’t always a good thing to do. Sometimes it’s hard to contain yourself. But self-control in a game like CSGO always gives you good results. If you walked into the enemy’s back, or if he passed you by without noticing your position, don’t be in a hurry to kill him. … Read more

Consider the economy

Spending carelessly in CSGO may cause significant problems. Some people buy in full while their teammates have only 2,000 dollars to spare. Always count your money, your teammates’ money, and the money of your enemies. If you win a series of five or more rounds, the opponents will have additional bonus money for each of … Read more

Pay attention to the radar

Professionals pay close attention to the radar more so than ordinary players. Using the minimap is an important game mechanic in CSGO, just the same as listening to sounds. On the radar, you can see the position of your teammates and which areas remain open for the enemy. If opponents’ activities become visible to your … Read more

Sound is important

Listening to in-game sounds is very important for your success in CSGO. In the game, you can fully navigate by sounds and in doing so better understand the movements of your opponents. Do not forget that enemies also hear you, and you can manipulate them by faking certain sounds. Go to a place where you … Read more

Don’t dive without a flashbang

Entering any new position is always dangerous. Players on the plant have an advantage in positioning and readiness to meet attackers. One move can change the situation: a flash grenade. Do not go to a vulnerable position without a flashbang. You can throw it yourself or you can resort to the help of a teammate. … Read more