Don’t Destroy Mob Spawners

Enemy spawners can be extremely frustrating. They keep spawning enemies into the vicinity until you get tired or are defeated. Unless of course, you are able to destroy them. However, there is another option. Just place torches all around the spawner. Most players put one on each vertical side and on the top of the … Read more

Charcoal Can Replace Coal

When you start your new adventure, you may not immediately find some coal. Thankfully, there is an alternative, since coal is a vital resource. That alternative is charcoal. And it’s made from wood. You can use wood as a fire source in the furnace. By smelting some more wood, you can make charcoal. This has … Read more

Carry A Bucket Of Water At All Times

Water buckets can save your life in many situations, especially in mining. You can use it to counter random bursts of lava. You could also use it to climb down steep inclines and get to lower ground. You could even use the water to help you get away from some monsters. Use it to create … Read more

The Infinite Water Source

This is the ideal construction to have near a farm. You won’t have to carry a lot of water buckets or build near a water source to make this work. It’s also extremely simple to build and you don’t need anything special, just two buckets of water to start. Make a 2-by-2 square in the … Read more

Another Way To Fight A Blaze

The Blaze is a powerful mob in the Nether. They can be a tough enemy to beat through conventional methods. Their fire blasts can also knock you into the lava, eliminating you instantly. The Blaze mob is weak to snowballs. So you should take as many of them as possible. Using snowballs from afar is … Read more

Become A Cat Person

Cats are a cool addition to Minecraft and make for nice pets. However, it’s more than just having a cat as a pet. They also serve an important function. Creepers are very scared of cats. If you have enough cats around your house, then Creepers will avoid you at all costs. It’s the best way … Read more

Get Some Bodyguards

It’s a good idea to get some extra help to protect your house. There are two options: An Iron Golem. You summon it by making a little T with iron blocks and then adding a carved pumpkin or a jack o’ lantern on top (the pumpkin must be last). They are very powerful and also … Read more

Pumpkin Head

Wearing a pumpkin is more about just making you look awesome. Yet, it has other benefits which can help you fight a powerful foe. If you wear a Pumpkin, then Endermen will not attack you. Even if you attack them. Endermen only attack those who make eye contact with them. However, the Pumpkin technically prevents … Read more

Mushroom Biomes Are Safe

The Mushroom Biome is the only biome where hostile mobs do not spawn at night. This makes it the safest place in Minecraft and the best place to build a home. There are also no mobs in the cave systems, allowing for safer mining. However, be aware that mob spawners will still work. So, if … Read more