Zombie-Proof Your Door

Zombies can break down your door and invade your precious house. Thankfully, there are some ways of preventing the zombies from ruining your day and destroying your property. One option is to have a door set up one block higher. That way the zombies cannot reach it. Your other choice is to use a fence … Read more

Use Torches To Farm Sand/Gravel Blocks

Torches are probably some of the most versatile items in all of Minecraft. They do the obvious things like lighting up dark areas and keeping monsters away. However, they have some other useful abilities. As you may know, Sand and Gravel blocks are affected by gravity. So, if you remove the block underneath, they will … Read more

The Best Diamond Level

Prior to Minecraft 1.17, Diamonds were most likely to spawn at Y-levels 5 through 12. Going any further down than that wouldn’t increase the likelihood of you finding diamonds, and in fact, would increase your likelihood of encountering lava. As of Minecraft 1.18, the game has been updated to change the way that Diamonds spawn. … Read more

Lava Buckets Are Great Fuel

If you find lava anywhere, be sure to keep it marked. As soon as you get some buckets, go and collect as much lava as possible. Lava is an excellent fuel to use in the furnace. It lasts a long time so you can smelt as much as you want. Lava is also one of … Read more

Placing Torches On Crafting Tables

This is more for the looks than for any practical reason. But you can actually place a torch on top of a crafting table or furnace. Why you would do this isn’t important. It’s about the fact that you can. To do this, put a “transparent block” behind the crafting table. This can be something … Read more