Aim Trainer

There are many ways to practice your aim in CSGO. My personal favourite is Yprac’s Aim Trainer because it’s a brand new CSGO workshop map with lots of different games & features. You can shoot dots in any way and practice your aim perfectly. There are many different aiming tasks to do with detailed stats. … Read more

Good Daily Routine

If you really want to improve you need to invest time and do your daily aim training. 2-3 times a day 15-30 minutes are enough to keep your muscle memory fresh. AimBotz (Start slow, different tasks, clean kills, spray transfers etc.) Yprac Aim Trainer FFA Deathmatch FFA HS-only Deathmatch Variety / different task with focus … Read more

Aim Lab / Kovaak’s

There are different games that are dedicated to improve your aim like (FREE) and (9.99€). You can start free on Aim Lab but to be honest I don’t think it is necessary to train aim outside of CS:GO even though both programs have nice features.

AimBotz / CSGOHub / Bot Arena

Another popular way is to train your aim by shooting bots on maps like AimBotz, etc. I prefer AimBotz because you can enable “Uneven Ground” which is highly recommended to also train your vertical aiming, not only switching targets left & right. CSGOHub has more features, like different modes, Bhop, Kz, Crosshair placement, etc. … Read more

Deathmatch / HS-Deathmatch

A simple way to practice gunfights is to hop on a deathmatch server and try to get as many kills as possible. Important: Focus on clean kills, aim for the lower head and try to spray down enemys within the first 4-5 bullets. I would recommend you to play rifles like AK-47/M4A4/M4A1-S – if you … Read more

Peek Like a Pro

In combination with good crosshair placement, shoulder peeking can also be key. Shoulder peeking means showing just a little bit of yourself, but not enough to be hit. The harder you are to kill, the better of a player you’ll be. Be careful to not expose yourself too much, as you can get hit. Staying … Read more

Use a Throw Bind

Try to integrate a jump-throw keybind into your game. You’ve probably seen some smoke guides on YouTube, but it’s this keybind that can improve your grenade gameplay. You can make throws that haven’t been possible before with just one key. Use the following command to create this binding by typing this into the console (opened … Read more

Practice Crosshair Placement

This is probably the most important thing to work on. You need to guide your crosshair into positions where you expect the enemy to be. If you’re going around the corner but your crosshair isn’t pointed at a possible location of an enemy, you can lose even a second of adjustment time that will mean … Read more

Spray Control

Your writer has to unfortunately admit that it took him some time before he understood this was a thing in CS:GO. There is a very predictable spray pattern every weapon has in this game, especially the AK-47 and both the M4 rifles have an easy to control path you can follow. It follows the form … Read more

Crosshair Placement Is Paramount

Always placing your crosshair at head-level while moving around the map is the best way to improve as a beginner. Sometimes you only get one or two bullets out of your gun before the duel against an enemy is over. It’s tempting to drop your crosshair placement while running between locations or when swinging to … Read more