AimBotz / CSGOHub / Bot Arena

Another popular way is to train your aim by shooting bots on maps like AimBotz, etc. I prefer AimBotz because you can enable “Uneven Ground” which is highly recommended to also train your vertical aiming, not only switching targets left & right. CSGOHub has more features, like different modes, Bhop, Kz, Crosshair placement, etc. (also a very good map, even better but without even ground). There are many different ways in training on AimBotz, but you should always focus on precision and clean kills, just randomly killing and spraying on bots does not improve your aim, it makes it even worse. There are lots of possible settings on these maps and we can’t explain everything so I’ll give you a few tips of how to do but I’ll link you a good video which explains a very good way on how to proceed on AimBotz. AGAIN: Start slow, focus on clean aim, speed will come automatically.

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