Battle Pass weapons

The paid Battle Pass rewards a box called the BP Bounty, which allows you to pick one of the five following weapons:

  • The Black Sword (sword)
  • Serpent Spine (claymore)
  • Solar Pearl (catalyst)
  • The Viridescent Hunt (bow)
  • Deathmatch (polearm)

These weapons serve as great “budget” versions of five-star weapons, though some of them are used more than others. For example, the Serpent Spine is a popular four-star choice on many claymore-users, like Arataki Itto or Diluc.

It’s hard to rank the weapons, but Serpent Spine is commonly seen as the “best” and The Viridescent Hunt bow is regarded as the worst of these five weapons — but you should just grab whatever you need from the BP Bounty that suits your characters’ needs.

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