Battle Pass (Gnostic Hymn) explained

Upon hitting Adventurer Rank 20, you’ll unlock Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass. The Battle Pass uses a separate leveling system that requires you to complete simple daily and weekly quests. Our Genshin Impact Battle Pass guide explains how the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass works and whether it’s worth buying.

Each quest you complete will reward a set amount of Battle Pass EXP, and it takes 1,000 BP EXP to go up one level. The quests will require you to do things like fight a Trounce Domain bosses three times or log in and do your daily four Commissions. Most active players will level up their Battle Pass just by playing normally, but you can only earn 10,000 BP EXP a week. The pass maxes out at 50 levels.

Battle Passes typically stick around for about six weeks before they refresh with the launch of a patch.

Sojourner’s Battle Pass (free) versus Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass (paid)

There are two versions of the Battle Pass. The Sojourner’s Battle Pass is free and it gives rewards like Mora, Adventurer’s Experience, and Mystic Enchantment Ores. Every 10 levels of the Sojourner’s Battle Pass, you’ll be rewarded with Acquaint Fates.

The Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass costs $9.99 and gives more Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Mystic Enchantment Ores, in addition to the items from the Sojourner’s Battle Pass. It also rewards materials needed to level up character skills. There’s also a bounty box at level 30 that allows you to pick a four-star weapon from an exclusive set. Every 10 levels of the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass, you’ll be rewarded with Intertwined Fates.

For $19.99, you can buy the Gnostic Chorus. This is the same as the Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass, but instead of starting at level 1 of the Battle Pass, you’ll start on level 10. (If you buy it after you’ve leveled up your Sojourner’s Battle Pass, you’ll just add 10 levels to your existing level.) It also includes a special name-card style furniture-blueprint, and five Fragile Resin (for recovering stamina). Gnostic Chorus is discounted if you already own Gnostic Hymn.

Notably, every 10 levels, the Battle Pass gives Fates to use on Wishes. The free Battle Pass rewards Acquaint Fates and Gnostic Hymn rewards Intertwined Fates.

Upgrading your Battle Pass to the Gnostic Hymn is only worth it if you complete it. We recommend not purchasing the upgrade until you hit rank 50, as you’ll get all the rewards retroactively anyway.

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