Warm Treats

Tim Hortons began by selling coffee and doughnuts and these two staples are still very much a prominent feature on the Tim Hortons menu. The doughnuts are freshly cooked, but like other chains, they are severed when they have cooled down.

However, if you can’t resist that warm, freshly baked feeling, then ask your server to stick them in the microwave for you. This is a common request and they know how to heat it so it’s nice and toasty, without overdoing it. This works best for original donuts and glazed donuts. You can also try it with some of their filled doughnuts. But be prepared for a hot, lip-burning surprise when you bite into it.

You can do the same with croissants. Even better, ask them to stick a slice of cheese in the middle of the croissant before heating it up.

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