• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was announced on August 12, 2011, 12 years (exactly 146 months or 4,444 days) after Counter-Strike was originally released as a modification (June 12, 1999).
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive did not arrive on the PAL version of PlayStation Store on the official release date, causing fans of the region to react with anger. Sony apologized for the delay and promised to solve the problem as soon as possible but failed to provide an explanation.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only Counter-Strike game to be rated 18+ by PEGI.
  • In the CS:GO icon, a CT can be seen holding a SCAR-L, a weapon that isn’t in the game.
  • Unlike the other games in the Counter-Strike series, the color of the Terrorist team in CS:GO seems to be a darker yellow with a bit of orange mixed into it, instead of red.
  • Despite the game having left the beta in August 21, 2012, the Steam Database Depots for CS:GO is still called “Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta”.
  • The in-game files include a language option for “Pirate”. This language can be used by setting the -language launch option to Pirate. This includes changes such as the Counter-Terrorist team being referred to as the “British Navy” and the Terrorist team being referred to as the “Pirates”.
  • The original Steam App id in steam store was 1800, but was later changed to 730.
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