The Grand Slam

The simplified version of The Barnyard, this monster diverges from diversity and stacks four thick, all beef patties into one tall burger. Wendy’s “You Know When It’s Real” slogan holds true with their fresh patties, so four of them is enough to get your mouth watering and to fill up the most ravenous. If just burgers are a little boring to you, adding cheese and vegetables is certainly an option. Whatever your preference, however, come with an empty stomach.

To get your hands on this monster, ask for a Grand Slam, but if they don’t know how to make it, just tell them it’s four beef patties in one burger. Again, price may vary based on location and it will be extra for the stacks of beef, but paying for a side won’t be necessary. Finish this burger and a food coma will blissfully incapacitate you shortly afterward.

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