The Cheesarito

Cost: Varies

All the portability of a burrito and all the melted cheesy goodness of a quesadilla, wrapped up into one delectable combination. It is the ultimate snack. It may look like an anemic sandwich, but it just means less mess and a solid carb-to-content ratio that is sure to fill a hole when you’re in need of a big ole’ dose of starch.

The Cheesaito, which also goes by several other names, begins with a warm soft-shell tortilla. This is then filled with gooey cheese, scallions, and taco sauce, making for a cheap snack any time of the day. Many boast that it tops the charts of the Taco Bell secret menu items. To order one, just ask for the following at the counter: melted cheese, taco sauce and scallions rolled up in a soft tortilla. It’s not too taxing and it shouldn’t be too expensive either, although the price will change depending on the location and the generosity of the server.

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