Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

What are SBCs?

FC 24 SBC is a single-player game mode within FUT. Playing it, the players have new opportunities to get creative, submitting squad building challenges and earning decent rewards.

Since when do SBCs exist?

Squad Building Challenges were released for the first time ever in FIFA 17. Since then they become very popular.

Why were SBCs created?

One of the aims of the Squad Building Challenges game mode is to allow players make use of cards they don’t need or leave rotting in their clubs, completing challenges and earning rewards for it.
Where can I use this mode?
You can use your console, PC or the Web/Companion App to complete challenges and earn in-game rewards.
How do I start?
The first time you select Squad Building Challenges, a tutorial will appear explaining how to complete your first challenge group. Once this tutorial has been completed, you’ll need to select one of the many Challenges available to you to work towards completing.
What happens to the items I submitted?
Pay attention because this is particularly important: you will not be able to get back the cards that you use in the Squad Building Challenges. Think wisely about which players you select – you will give up all player items that are part of the challenge once you submit your team.
Can I change the formation?
No. Formations are locked for each challenge.
What are the rewards?
Completing Challenges and Groups give access to several rewards. The individual challenges themselves are rewarded with FUT packs, coins, player items and kits, while completing groups gives access to even bigger rewards like unique player items.
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