Social Media Prompts

Here are some inspirational social media prompts. Tweak and use them as you need.

  1. “Create 20 catchy Instagram captions for a travel blogger.”
  2. “Suggest 30 LinkedIn post ideas for a career coach.”
  3. “List 25 Facebook status ideas to engage an audience on a book club page.”
  4. “Provide 10 different Twitter poll ideas for a tech company.”
  5. “Write 15 Instagram story ideas for a fitness influencer.”
  6. “Create 12 Facebook post ideas for a restaurant to showcase their new menu.”
  7. “Suggest 20 LinkedIn article topics for a data scientist.”
  8. “Write a week’s worth of motivational quotes for daily Twitter posts.”
  9. “Provide 15 Instagram post ideas for an artist showcasing their work.”
  10. “Create five engaging questions a personal development coach could use to spark conversation on their Facebook page.”
  11. “Write 30 engaging, question-based Instagram captions to boost comments.”
  12. “Suggest five different ‘Did you know?’ facts a science educator could share on Twitter.”
  13. “Write 20 Instagram hashtags for a food blogger.”
  14. “List five different ways a clothing retailer could announce a sale on their social media.”
  15. “Provide five Instagram Live topic ideas for a nutritionist.”
  16. “Create 10 inspirational LinkedIn post ideas for a leadership trainer.”
  17. “Suggest five tweet ideas for a bookstore to promote a new release.”
  18. “Write five questions a non-profit could ask their Facebook followers to encourage donations.”
  19. “Provide 10 ideas for Instagram Reels for a musician.”
  20. “List three unique ways a business could use Instagram’s ‘link in bio’ feature.”
  21. “Create five different themes a lifestyle blogger could use for a month’s worth of Instagram posts.”
  22. “Suggest 10 Pinterest board ideas for a DIY crafts blog.”
  23. “Write 10 Twitter hashtags for an environmental awareness campaign.”
  24. “Provide five Twitter thread ideas for a historian.”
  25. “List five Instagram post ideas to celebrate a company’s anniversary.”
  26. “Write 15 Instagram hashtags for a fashion influencer.”
  27. “Create 10 tweet ideas for a comedian.”
  28. “Provide five TikTok video ideas for a personal trainer.”
  29. “Write 20 LinkedIn post ideas for a software engineer.”
  30. “List five Instagram story ideas for a skincare brand’s product launch.”
  31. “Create an outline for a sci-fi short story set on a distant exoplanet.”
  32. “Generate a list of 20 unique names for a fantasy novel’s characters.”
  33. “Suggest five different plot twists for a detective novel.”
  34. “Describe a magical creature that lives in a tropical rainforest.”
  35. “Write a dialogue between a robot and its inventor discussing the nature of consciousness.”
  36. “Create an engaging introduction for a speech about the importance of sustainability.”
  37. “Design a 7-day balanced meal plan for a vegan athlete.”
  38. “Generate a list of 10 intriguing questions for a podcast interview with a famous author.”
  39. “Suggest a step-by-step process for writing and publishing a debut novel.”
  40. “Describe a futuristic cityscape in a world where technology and nature coexist harmoniously.”
  41. “Create a list of 15 questions for a trivia night focused on 20th-century history.”
  42. “Write a heartfelt letter from a time-traveler to their past self.”
  43. “Imagine a dialogue between the Earth and the Moon discussing humans.”
  44. “Generate a list of 20 must-read books for someone interested in learning about artificial intelligence.”
  45. “Suggest a 30-day challenge to improve one’s writing skills.”
  46. “Describe what a day in the life of an alien might look like.”
  47. “Create a blueprint for a utopian society.”
  48. “Write a monologue from the perspective of a tree witnessing history.”
  49. “Generate a list of 10 inspirational quotes to boost someone’s self-confidence.”
  50. “Describe the perfect peaceful spot for a mindfulness retreat.”
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