Real Characters In-Game

This game has an interesting take on the formula, with a long list of Free Fire characters you can earn, unlock, and play as, each with their own abilities which will change your overall strategies and the way you play. Garena Free Fire has quickly become one of mobile’s most popular shooters worldwide, and that’s just a fact. People all over are loving Free Fire’s unique approach to battle royale, and it’s something you should pay attention to.

Sounds complicated at first, but things are simple when you see exactly what each Free Fire character does in detail. This is exactly what we have here – using this list you will easily be able to check and assess each and every character in Garena Free Fire.

How many Free Fire characters are there?

In total there are 38 characters in Free Fire. Among them, the majority of characters can be obtained by spending a certain amount of Diamonds. Whereas a few are collected through Luck Royale and Top Up rewards.

Who is the best Free Fire character?

When it comes to the character, each and every one of them is best as it entirely depends on the player. If a player has decent skills and experience, then he/she can bring out the best from each and every character they are asked to play with. However, we can give a few names to try first and they are, Alok, K, Wukong and Skyler.

Which Free Fire characters are real?

Out of all the 38 characters in Free Fire, there are particularly 5 characters who are based on real-life personalities and they are:

  • K – KSHMR, an American musician and DJ
  • Kapella – KPop Singer
  • Alok – Brazilian DJ
  • Jota – Indonesian actor, Joe Taslim
  • Jai – Bollywood Actor, Hrithik Roshan

You will find their description, their abilities, and what their abilities do below, in addition to how you can unlock the premium characters, with either the method or cost on the right. Let us know which Garena Free Fire character you’ll be playing as in the comments below!

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