Nutella Flavored Drinks

Few things go better together than hazlenut and chocolate, and the best marriage of these two ingredients is in the spread Nutella. If you love Nutella, then you can indulge your obsession in Dunkin’ Donuts by making every drink taste like it.

To make your drink taste like this chocolate-hazelnut spread, just ask the server to add a hazelnut shot and two mocha swirls to your coffee. What you will get will have all the goodness of Nutella, but it will be sweeter, stronger and it will have more of a kick. It’s Nutella, but better, if you can believe it.

This works with hot coffee and with iced coffee, and it doesn’t stop there. If you want a Nutella Coolatta, then order yourself a Frozen Mocha and add two hazelnut swirls to it. If you want some Nutella flavor in your hot chocolate (and why wouldn’t you?) then just add three hazelnut swirls to a standard hot chocolate.
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