How to make coins

In FIFA 23 we made 3 million coins with around 2 million more in players and consumables. Not including our actual main squad which was full of amazing players. Our original FIFA trading to 1 million coins video below still works today. We are also adding a new video showing those same techniques and more from last year.

Simply buy squads and sell them after playing with them every night or so. Put them up for 1 to 6 hours with a higher starting price than paid and a bin a little more. IF THEY SELL BONUS IF NOT YOU STILL HAVE THEM.

You will be surprised how much money you will make doing that every night. Then buy them back cheaper or buy other players.

DON’T forget EA take 5% of every sale you make on UT. So if you buy a player for 100,000 coins and then sell for 105,000 you only actually get 99750 coins. Making a loss. This is significant with very high price players. Use a calculator on sales to prevent loss or use our handy FUT tax chart

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