Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt

If you’re someone who likes to put pineapple on your pizza, someone who likes to mix the sweet with the savoury, then this is the burger for you. The Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt is a chicken burger that contains big chunks of pineapple, thick slabs of cheddar cheese and an extra helping of chilli jam. It is gooey, it is creamy, it is spicy and it is sweet. But despite all of that, it works!

Trust us on this one and give the Hawaiian Chicken Chilli Melt a try. This burger is a rarity and it’s not one that all Nando’s restaurants serve. There are reports of this hack being available in many UK restaurants and many other European restaurants. But the good thing is that even if the servers don’t know what you’re talking about, they do have the ingredients to make one for you.

So, if they simply shrug, then spell it out for them and they will make it for you. You never know, that little bit of effort could force your local Nando’s to put this on their menu, which means you can order it every time you drop by.

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