French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Denny’s regular Grilled Cheese pales in comparison to this beast, in my humble opinion. If you’re trying out this dish, I hope for your sake you are active, healthy, and have low blood sugar/cholesterol.

It combines the best of both worlds – sweet french toast and cheesy, buttery grilled deliciousness – to make a breakfast combination most would never imagine.

Cinnamon, sugar, butter and cheese are the most prominent flavors, and the combination could make one skeptical, but the flavors interact with each other beautifully, creating an irresistible grilled creation.

Just ask for the french toast cheese sandwich, and if they aren’t sure what you’re getting at, let them know it’s grilled cheese between two slices of french toast. Straightforward and delicious, but regardless, the dish may require some clever wordplay to end up on the grill. Explain to the employee and hopefully they hook you up with the sweet, cheesy masterpiece you desire.

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