Don’t Skip Events

Genshin Impact entices you to log in on a daily basis to complete commission quests for a handful of free Primogems. For low spenders, these gems go a long way toward spending Wishes on limited-time Event Banners(Opens in a new window). In addition to these daily chores, developer Mihoyo introduces special events on a bi-weekly basis that award you with valuable materials, as well as bonus Primogems. So, make use that you log in often.

On top of that, some of these events, particularly the major festivals, such as the recent Lantern Rite and Ludi Harpastum celebrations, award you with a free, four-star character and a free, four-star weapon. These major events aren’t quite as frequent as the bi-weekly ones, but they are vastly more rewarding, so you do not want to miss them. To date, Genshin Impact players have received the archer Fischl; the four-star sword Festering Desire; the bow Windblume Ode; the magic catalyst Dodoco Tales; a free, four-star Liyue character of their choice during the Lantern Rite; and most recently, the great sword wielders, Beidou and Xinyan. They were all free, and were obtainable purely through events.

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