Surf and Turf Sliders w/ Cheese

These sliders combine fried fish and juicy beef to make a perfect cheesy slider, offering some of the nutritional benefits from both. Okay, just kidding about the nutritional benefits. It’s fried fish after all and a greasy burger. At least the taste is amazing! You can’t beat a slice of gooey yellow melted cheese all … Read more

Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sweet Cinnamon Sauce

These crispy, salty snacks are a great modification if you’re looking to get that extra side to snack on with your burgers but you want it to be a little healthier. Try it with the sweet cinnamon sauce and you won’t have them with anything else afterward. This side item is currently not offered on … Read more

Valentine’s Day Special

White Castle has advertised their Valentine’s Special since 1991, so it’s not exactly a huge secret, but to those who aren’t up to date on White Castle lore, it may be. The promotion includes a romantic candlelit dinner for two with 10 sliders, two 21-oz sodas and french fries for just $10.49. That’s quite the … Read more

Bacon Crumbles

There was a period that White Castle advertised their willingness to put bacon crumbles on any sandwich or side, but no longer is this a feature on the menu. That being said, it’s still available to order, people just don’t know about it. Wield the power of the White Castle Secret Menu and get bacon … Read more

Chicken Parm Slider

This is an easy combination to do yourself. All you have to do is order a bag of the fried chicken sliders and a side of the mozzarella sticks. Then put two of the sticks on each slider topped with a little bit of the side cup of marinara. Nuke it in your microwave at … Read more

Loaded Fries

Loaded fries are an absolutely mouthwatering mountain of bacon, ranch and cheese sauce, occasionally topped with diced tomatoes. You can probably ask the employees there to put pickles or onions on these fries if you really want to go crazy with your potato side choice. And why not? Load em’ up! The flavor of this … Read more

The Harold and Kumar Special

If you are a fan of the film then you have probably heard what this massive order actually is. It’s 30 sliders for each of the fellows, five french fries, and four large Cherry Cokes. The only difference is that Kumar wants the soda to be “diet.” As if that would make a difference in … Read more