From Stalker to Acolytes: The Shadows That Hunt the Tenno

Few threats are as personal to the Tenno as the Stalker and his Acolytes. Sworn to exact vengeance for the crimes the Tenno committed during the Orokin downfall, the Stalker’s lore is a tale of anger, mystery, and relentless pursuit.

Infested Nightmares: The Origins and Spread of the Infestation

The Infested, a plague that consumes and mutates everything it touches, poses a constant threat. Tracing its origins back to the Orokin’s attempts at bio-weaponry, the Infested now spread like wildfire, led by entities like Lephantis and the Jordas Golem.

The Sentient Threat: From the Old War to the New Era

Originally created by the Orokin, the Sentients evolved and turned against their creators. Their adaptability in battle and unique ability to resist the influence of the Void make them formidable foes. From the days of the Old War to the current era, understanding the Sentients is crucial for the Tenno.

The Rise and Fall of the Orokin Empire: A Chronological Tale

The once-great Orokin Empire ruled the Origin System with grandeur and might. Known for their advanced technology and aesthetic beauty, the Orokin’s fall came from internal strife and the consequences of their own actions, including the very creation of the Sentients and their subsequent betrayal.

The Origin of the Tenno: Warframe’s Enigmatic Warriors

The Tenno, the player-controlled protagonists in Warframe, are surrounded by mystery. Originating from the Zariman Ten-Zero, a ship lost in the void, these children emerged changed, possessing unique and extraordinary powers. Linked to their Warframes via the mysterious process of Transference, the Tenno have become both warriors and legends in the Origin System.